Project Managers Dickon Emmett are helping revitalise the iconic Hackney Hotel as part of the Botaniq development.

Dickson Emmett, Project Management Talk Botaniq

From bespoke project management firm Dickson Emmett, meet Brian Emmett.

Revered Adelaide consultancy firm, Dickson Emmett has served as Botaniq’s project management lead since the project began in 2019.

With offices in Sydney and in Adelaide, Brian Emmett and Drew Dickson offer a industry-leading perspective on the direction of the Botaniq precinct. Under the lead of Brian in Adelaide, Dickson Emmett are ensuring that our project is delivered under budget and to schedule.

Get to know Brian Emmett, a leading project manager at Dickson Emmett .

Why did you decide to get involved with Botaniq?

After over 20 years of managing many multi-faceted projects everywhere from England and China to throughout Australia, I was excited to be a part of a truly revolutionary Adelaide project. After spending many years in Adelaide, the redevelopment of the heritage Hackney Hotel site as a premium living, retail and hotel space is something that I believe will truly change the nature of commercial developments in South Australia moving forward.

What does Dickson Emmett offer the Botaniq precinct?

In addition to the breadth of experience that Drew and myself bring as project managers, we are committed to ensuring that the project designs and investor expectations are complemented by precise administration of projects. Our joint experience across projects in diverse industries including retail, community facilities, recreation and, of course, residential apartments, ensure that we will facilitate a build that is the envy of the rapidly booming Adelaide property development market.

What are you most excited about at Botaniq?

As Botaniq’s project manager, I am most excited about seeing the plans come to life in an orderly, timely and safe manner. However, I can’t deny that I am very much looking forward to seeing the heritage aspects of the Hackney Hotel reconstituted as a premium 72 bedroom hotel with top tier restaurants, cafes and retail providers.

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